Now Israelis Can Sweep in Peace: Israel detains 4 Palestinian Brooms

Israeli elite forces arrested Tuesday night four Palestinian brooms, Israeli army sources confirm.

“The Israeli security forces were given sweeping powers to search the homes of Palestinians suspected of harbouring brooms,” stated Israel’s Army Radio, Galei Tzahal.

In a press release, IDF desk stated that its elite forces captured 3 Firebotls and 1 Nimbus 2000 brooms.

“Now Israelis can sweep in peace,” the IDF statement concluded.

The operation, which was announced on Twitter, was named Operation Broom Broom.

Operation Broom Broom is Bennett’s first as Israel’ Prime Minister and comes hours after Israel’s annual Death-to-Arabs, May-your-village-burn, and Muhammad-is-dead parade in occupied Jerusalem. 

“We fight for justice and equality. And I don’t mean to make a sweeping generalisation, but to Palestinians all brooms are pretty much the same,” said one masked Palestinian youth.

Palestinian sources claim young Palestinians were only cleaning the aftermath of Israel’s racist mobs. But IDF affirms they have evidence the brooms were by Palestinian angry mops against Jewish settlers peacefully marching in Jerusalem.

On his part, Ofir Gendelman posted a picture on Twitter with the caption: “The brooms have Jewish blood on their brushes.”

Blood on their brushes!


On the shores of the Med,
I saw humanity drenched in salt,
Face down,
Eyes gouged,
Hands up to the sky, praying,
Or trembling in fear.
I could not tell.
The sea, harsher than the heart of an Arab,
Soaked with blood.
Only the pebbles wept.
Only the pebbles.
“All the perfumes of Arabia will not”
grace the rot
this Ummah breeds.


Israel arrests two Palestinian ladders, yes, you heard right!


In a highly complicated Israeli commando operation, Israel’s elite forces managed Friday to arrest two Palestinian ladders, army sources said.

According to witnesses, the ladder tried to escape the scene but IDF’s plan was too perfect to evade.

Israeli army sources confirmed they received intel Palestinians were using two ladders to climb the Wall, probably to carry out attacks of prayers against Israeli civilians.

“The ladders were a security threat to the state of Israel,” he stated. “With the ladders gone, Israelis are now safer. Imagine the number of prayers targeting the Jewish state we managed to prevent!”


Jacob’s Ladder

An Israeli rabbi supported the army’s move invoking Jacob’s Ladder.  “The ladder is a God given invention to the Jews and we simply can’t let Goyims own it let alone climb them with their Goyim feet. God chose us to have the ladder,” he added.

“Those Goys must have been trying to climb their way to God. Only we send people to God, and in our own way,” he said.

“We have a strong feeling one of these ladders is indeed Jacob’s Ladder,” he said in an afterthought.

“And he dreamed, and behold, there was a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; and behold, the angels of God were ascending and descending on it! And behold, the Lord stood above it,” he recited.


A F*cking Ladder!

“It’s just a f*cking ladder,” said a Palestinian youth, who has been accused by Israel of being the Laddermind. “Why do they have to complicated everything and inject it with ideology. It’s just a f*cking ladder,” he repeated.

“We have every right to pay at Al-Aqsa Mosque. Israel can try to deprive us of our right to pray, and live and talk, but we will always try again and we will eventually succeed,” he added.

In the Holy month of Ramadan, Israel has allowed only people who are 40 or above to pray at Al-Aqsa. Palestinian youths have managed to evade the ban by climbing over the Wall using ladders.




17 pictures inspired from Paris March that show many can’t be fooled by hypocrisy

17 pictures from the Paris March that show the world can’t be fooled by hypocrisy. These pictures show how social media activists reacted to the infamous picture from the Paris March for Freedom of Expression. Ironically, many of these leaders are accused of war crimes and/or human rights violations especially against journalists and freedom of expression.

Both Netanyahu, directly responsible for the murder of thousands of Palestinians including 17 journalists, and Mahmoud Abbas, whose security forces, while protecting Israeli occupation and settlers, continue to arrest journalists and political activists, came under fire.

1)It turned out that the world “leaders” were not leading the masses. Nor were the masses marching behind the leaders.

1) It turned out that the world “leaders” were not leading the masses. Nor were the masses marching behind the leaders.

2)Some activists added their touch to the infamous picture by adding people who should have been there too but could not due to personal circumstances such as death or massacring people. Note: missing from this picture are the Joker, Gargamel, and Bart Simpsons

2) Some activists added their touch to the infamous picture by adding people who should have been there too but could not due to personal circumstances such as death or massacring people.
Note: missing from this picture are the Joker, Gargamel, and Bart Simpsons


3) Netanyahu is responsible for killing +2269 Palestinians including 17 journalists and 516 kids in Gaza is marching against terror in Paris


4) A terrorist is leading a march against terror.


5) Is not that awkward?


6) Netanyahu is still soaked in Palestinian blood.


7) Raise your hand if you are a war criminal!


8) Look what I did to Gaza! Look!


9) I did that too.


10) Meanwhile in Gaza, people are still matching with the dead bodies of their kids. Thanks to Israel.


11) And conspiracy theories have also started working…


12) List of human rights violations by most of those present


13) And Mahmoud Abbas forced himself through to say hi to Merkel.


14) Basically Mahmoud Abbas was everywhere


15) Except of course in Gaza


16) Mahmoud Abbas has stepped on the bodies of about 5 thousand Palestinians murdered by Israel in Gaza to join the France March.


17) And the one with the Orthodox Jewish Newspaper cropping all FEMALES from the photo


Bonus: Netanyahu tweeted this picture which clearly shows a deliberate chopping of Mahmoud Abbas, except his ear.





Spanish translation of my poem “I Am You”, “Soy vos”

Soy vos

Dos pasos: uno, dos.

Mira en el espejo:

¡El horror, el horror!

La culata de tu M-13 en el pómulo

me dejó la marca amarilla,

la cicatriz con forma de bala que se expande

como una esvástica serpenteando por la cara,

el dolor de cabeza manando.

Desde mis ojos que gotean,

desde mi nariz punzante,

mis orejas inundando

el lugar.

Cómo te sucedió a vos

hace 70 años

más o menos.


Sólo soy vos.

Soy tu pasado que atormenta

tu presente y tu futuro.

Lucho como vos lo hiciste.

Peleo como vos lo hiciste.

Me resisto como vos te resististe

y por un momento,

tomaría tu tenacidad

como modelo,

si no estuviéras sosteniendo

el cañón de la pistola

entre mis ojos



Uno. Dos.

La mismísima pistola,

la mismísima bala

que había matado a tu Madre

y matado a tu Padre

está siendo usada

contra mí

por vos.


Nota esta bala y nota tu arma.

Si la hueles, tiene tu y mi sangre.

Tiene mi presente y tu pasado.

Tiene mi presente.

Tiene tu futuro.

Por eso somos hermanos,

el mismo camino de vida,

el mismo arma,

el mismo sufrimiento,

la misma expresión arrancada

en la cara del asesino,

todo es lo mismo

excepto que en tu caso

la víctima ha evolucionado, hacia atrás

en un victimario.

Te lo digo.

Soy vos.

Excepto que no soy el vos de ahora.


No te odio.

Quiero ayudarte a parar de odiarme

y matarme.

Te lo digo:

el ruido de tu ametralladora

te vuelve sordo,

el olor de la pólvora

le gana al de mi sangre.

Las chispas desfiguran

mis expresiones faciales.

¿Pararías de disparar?

¿Por un momento?

¿Lo harías?


Todo lo que tenés que hacer

es cerrar los ojos

(En estos tiempos, ver

nos ciega el corazón)

Cierra los ojos, con fuerza

Así podrás ver

en el ojo de tu mente.

Luego mira en el espejo.

Uno. Dos.

Soy vos.

Soy tu pasado.

Y matándome

Te matas a ti mismo.


Por Refaat Alareer.

Traducción con consentimiento de parte del autor, por Maribel Bruzzo.


Poem in English

Gaza turns Israeli bombs into Art

How do Palestinians keep going on, with israel being there and stuff?

Well, ever heard of Palestine’s special talent for life? Here it is. Palestinians turning into art Israeli bombs and missiles. For a while I could not trace the artists but finally I managed to get hold of 2 of them. Tawfik Gebreel. Contact: twitter  and Bushra Shanan: Contact them for more.




gaza-israel-rocket-strike-smoke-art-4 gaza-israel-rocket-strike-smoke-art-21 gaza-israel-rocket-strike-smoke-art-23 gaza-israel-rocket-strike-smoke-art-25

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Gaza Bsdn5a6CYAA7xmj 10334249_303614613132377_2870263877847490137_n BsdYWtJCEAEVJNZ 10478186_884812694866892_5128364379767357187_n 10525796_665174063565170_3656865875690938891_n


My translation of Darwish’s ‘I Love You More’

‘I Love You More’

by:Mahmoud Darwish


Gaza, PAlestine

Gaza, PAlestine

Rise! Rise!
No matter how neglectful you are,
You will remain in my eyes and flesh an angel.
And you remain as our love wants you to be:
Your breeze is amber, 
Your land bliss— 
And I love you more. 
Your hands are trees
But I do not sing
Like other nightingales.
The chains teach me to fight and fight,
Because I love you more. 
My singing is daggers of roses,
My silence the birth of thunder,
And a lily of my own blood.
You are the soil and the sky
And your heart is evergreen.
Your love when at a low ebb is a flow; 
How, then, can I not love you more?
And you are as our love wants you to be:
I am your beloved child;
On your sweet lap
I grow, and rise.


Translated with the help of Ghada AhmedSarah AliHanan Habashi and the amazing Mohamed Shamaa.. 

Jenin: a song for a bereaved Palestinian Camp

This is a very famous Palestinian song about Jenin Camp. Here is a quick translation. (see link below to listen to the song)


“Who should save the Camp of Jenin?
It cried mournfully of destruction.
Who will be there for Balata Camp calling for Muslims?
-Why are you unmindful. silent and indifferent?
– My houses have been shelled by the warplanes of thieves and usurpers.
– My kids have been slain by the shells of the murderers.
– My fields have been burnt down by the hate of the damned Butcher.
– And all the loved ones have been torn apart, crying.

A mother is searching for her kid imprisoned under the rubble.
She runs in agony and calls between the ruins of Jenin:
My son, my darling, my beloved, are you dead or buried?
God, make this plight easy on me–You alone lift all the pain.

Jerusalem is weeping and Alaqsa Mosque is a prisoner.
And Church of the Nativity that has never been humiliated before
now is sieged with cannons, and guns and ambushes.
O, my people, Rise. Dust off the humiliation of the years.

“Who should save the Camp of Jenin?
It cried mournfully of destruction.
Who will be there for Balata Camp calling for Muslims?
-Why are you unmindful. silent and indifferent?”

Click below to listen


2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 14,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 5 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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