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We have come to realise that it is through words and writing that the Zionist movement managed to occupy Palestine well before the actual infiltration that ended in occupying the whole land of Palestine killing and displacing millions of Palestinian unarmed civilians. So, we decided to Write Back. We endeavour to use all efforts and pens and to gather all material there is that helps promote our cause to enlighten both ourselves and all the peoples of the world.

We welcome all contributions that help support that Palestinian cause and the Gaza situation in particular. Any attempt to expose the atrocities of the Israeli occupation as well as their violation of all basic human rights is appreciated.



You can follow me on twitter @thisisGaza


26 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thank you for your efforts. My name is Samah from Alexandria, Egypt.

    I want to share your activities against Israel. Please i need to know what can i do?

  2. Refaat, i would really like to hear some gazan voices on the unification of hamas and fatah. this includes you of course and your students.

    as an aside could you please send word to sarah ali i have not forgotten the roof of her house, this left an indelible impression on me, very worthy of remembrance and recognition. she did not leave an email and i could not tell her personally. i would very much like to read more of her writing. i have thought many times about communicating this to her and finally i have done it here.

    please relay my wishes wrt impressions wrt to the political unification to the students and perhaps we can publish some of them @ mondoweiss.



    ps, i have so much hope. i really think we can make this happen. palestine will be free and i will live to see this in my lifetime. amen.

      • oh refaat, we’ve come so far. tightly crossing my fingers sarah makes it on the tour. praying.

  3. Hi there, can you please send me your contact info asap? I’d like to discuss the Palestine Writing Workshop’s ventures in the Gaza strip, a great opportunity for all of the amazing talented writers there.


  4. Dear blogger(s),

    I am very impressed by the texts and articles on this blog! You are certainly doing a great job.

    I am a student from The Netherlands who is currently doing research about Palestinian resistance and internet for my graduation thesis. Because I have the feeling that you could contribute a lot about these topics, I would like to ask you if you would be open to participate in my research? I would love to interview you (through skype?) 🙂

    Your help will be of tremendous value! Please contact me if you have any questions.
    ma3 jazel ashokr,

    Juliet Muhlbauer

    skype: juliet.muhlbauer1

  5. Wondering when you will write a poem about your Islamic Jihad and Hamas and bombs in markets, cinemas, restaurants, pizzerias, Passover dinners in Netanyahu, schoolchildren in Maalot etc etc.

  6. My name is Somaya … and I am from Palestine . Gaza …

    I want to thank you for your efforts …

    God bless you ..^_^ ^_^

  7. Thank you for your poem; it is very, very powerful!
    I note that you invite contributions …
    I have 24 letters and poems, contributed last year by the general public in the UK, for my project ‘Love Letter to Gaza’ made in collaboration with the Calder Bookshop & Theatre. They were written after the American ship ‘Audacity of Hope’, carrying a cargo of letters, was blocked from sailing from a Greek harbour to Gaza. We were invited to read a selection of them at a PSC event, and a video was made of the selection: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ek0WbLEl-xk It’s actually wrongly titled, the letters and poems were not written as a response to the massacre. I can email the material if you would be interested to see any of it.
    Additionally, a play was made from the material by dramatist Louise Gooding which was performed in London at the Calder Bookshop & Theatre, in the autumn of 2011.
    My best wishes, Veronica

    • Thank you Veronica. Lemme take a look at the video and get back to you. But for a starter do you happen to know someone who might recite any of my poems? I am planning to post it on youtube. Thank you in advance

    • I organised the running order but didn’t take part in the reading on film. The readers are all professional actors.
      The letter that I wrote is called ‘Habibi’ (You are constantly in my thoughts and I speak of you at every opportunity.)

  8. A Canadian, living in Tunisia, I pray for you and my heart breaks for you. Insh’allah, the world will finally see.

  9. Thank you for your efforts. My name is Shaifuddin from Bangladesh. I am a Translator. I translate from English to Bengali. I heard about ” Gaza Writes Back” – the short story collection. I want to translate it in Bengali. But it is not available here. would you send me a soft copy of it plz.

    I want to know your activities more.

  10. We’d love to interview you on our Radio Islam program for our segment called, “Painting the Picture: Palestine.” It is an effort to humanize the Palestinians, which we don’t see very often in western media. Please let me know me the best way to get in touch!


    Tahera Rahman
    Producer, Radio Islam
    (630) 453-9245
    6-7pm CST Daily on WCEV 1450 AM

  11. Dear Mr. Alareer,
    What you write is really powerful i really appreciate your work.
    I am an italian student, I have been studying arabic for 5 years and I am interested in raising awareness about what has been going on in Gaza in the last years and at the same time i would like to promote the literary culture of this land by translating works written by young authors from gaza, from arabic to italian.
    I know your works so I was wondering if you can help me, by suggesting me some of your students’ work which has not been translated yet.
    I couldn’t find your email so I had to write you here.
    Best Regards

    Sonia Valentini

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