Gaza Photo Gallery 5

Photographer: Mahmoud Abu Hamda. Check his FB page here.

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Picking Olives in Gaza

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Gaza Gallery III: Grapes and SunFlowers

Perhaps I have finally come to fathom why zionists have usually favoured the Palestinians-are-reptiles metaphor. No matter how mighty Israel’s blows, the never kill the Palestinians spirit of regeneration. Seeing the Palestinians it killed and the lands it brutally razed, Israel must be in pain, real pain, over the fact that Palestinains always, always, rise up from the ashes of Israeling blazing fires and the abyss it keeps throwing us into. One more thing, Israel, people have already, defying your racist narratives, started to use the simile ‘like a Palestinian’ to connote perseverance and persistence.

This is Beit Lahia, North Gaza. I lost count of how many times Israel uproots fields and destroyed greenhouses or how many farmers it killed. The Photos speak for themselves.

Pictures are all courtesy of Amjad El-Agha.

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Gaza Photo Gallery II

When Gaza is not being bombed by israel, this is how it looks like…

Photographer: Taj Saleem

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Gaza in 185 Pictures

Gaza in 185 Pictures 

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