And Gaza lives on…









And another war in Gaza

Another day in Palestine

A day in prison

And we live on

Despite Israel’s very much identified flying objects

That we see more than our family and friends

And despite Israel’s death sentences

Like lead

Cast upon the head

 As we sleep

Like acid rain

Gnawing at our life

Clinging to it like a flea to a kitten

And stuffed in our throats

The moment we say ‘Amen’

To the prayers of old women and men

Despite Israel’s birds of death

Hovering only two meters from our breath

From our dreams and prayers

Blocking their ways to God.

Despite that.

We dream and pray,

Clinging to life even harder

Every time a dear one’s life

Is forcibly rooted up.

We live.

 We live.

We do. 


9 thoughts on “And Gaza lives on…

  1. breathless ..again from you dear refaat. you do live on and the meek will inherit the earth..and so naturally the holy land of palestine..stay safe.

    it’s up in draft @MW. crossing fingers

  2. without exaggeration, this poem should win a prize or award. Deep & powerful. it is alwyas in my mind.. “we live on..clinging to life even harder”
    I feel like sharing it again and again everywhere.
    will never get bored of it.

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