Land Day poem ‘O, Earth’

O, Earth

Hug me

And hold me tight

Or devour me

To suffer no more.

I love thee

So take me.

Make me rich.

Make me dirt.

Gone are the days of serenity.

Guns are the words of humanity.

I have no food but a thorn,

No sport but a sigh.

For a soldier needs to feel high.

O, Earth,

If in life I am to hurt

Let my dirt in you give birth.

O, Earth.


6 thoughts on “Land Day poem ‘O, Earth’

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  2. Or devour me
    To suffer no more

    I loved these two the most ! It’s like I want to suffer one last time to end all the sufferance of a lifetime ! Very deep !

    Make me rich
    Make me dirt.
    I loved these too. It shows how bad life has treated us and that if we don’t unite and be part of our land or earth, we won’t be rich even if have the money of kings. That the definition of ” richness” goes beyond the definition we are familiar with. It’s a feeling not a material thing!

    Make me dirt
    I can sense desperation here.We ask earth to end our lives to make us dirt and we announce with hidden words that flesh ( what we are made of ) is just not even close to be good enough. We live without breathing, our hearts beat without blood and our lives go on with us dead from the inside.

    Powerful words ! very powerful !

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