Mustafa’s Only Care

Mustafa’s only care

A chap

A stone

A kuffiya

A will and a fist.


The jeep

The soldier

His guns and powder

His mask

His elbows, knees and helmet.


A hamlet.


And People run

And pull and push

And come and go.

And people fall

And rise and fall.




Yet, Mustafa does not care

And he does not scare

Because he cares!


“Shoot to kill!

Damn it!”

And then they fall

And fall and fall.

And Mustafa rises

And lights the way


And people run

And pull and push

And come and come.

They rise and rise

For Mustafa cares


This poem is inspired by Mustafa Tamimi whose untimely death at the hands of Israeli soldiers showed the light to many people to come. Rest in Peace, brother.


3 thoughts on “Mustafa’s Only Care

  1. A powerful poem ,the words take me back to the place obese standing close to Mustafa the second he was assassinated and I remembered all the feeling I felt that’s minute it’s not easy to read words shake u and force you to live memories u hardly try to forget , this means that you are entelegent and cleaver write , who writes with his passion and live what he write so his work touch people
    Again Thanx bro

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