A modest Proposal

A modest Proposal
Refaat Alareer
As far as Gaza is concerned, the only problem does not lie in Hamas, but the problem with Gaza is that it is full of Gazans.
Two years ago the Israeli occupation leaders declared that a war against Hamas is to be waged as Hamas violates the conventions of combat by targeting ‘innocent’ Israeli settlers/civilians. I can’t deny that some rejoiced and giggled at this news. In the course of the conflict, about 1500 Gazans fell and more than 4000 were injured some of whom sustained permanent disability. In one wave of killing, the Israeli war planes targeted hundreds of Palestinians who were forced to leave their homes and take refugee in a school run by the UN thinking that would prevent Israel from targeting them. They were wrong. Forty of them were slain.
Has Israel really meant to target Hamas per se? Or has it meant any person/ building/ plant/ blow of air/ house/ shop/ mosque/ field/ nursery/ motorbike and anything related to Hamas? Does that include places Hamas members passed by or been in? Does that include people who happened to shake hands with a Hamas member, unknowingly perhaps? The facts on the ground tell that it is the Gazans Israel is after not Hamas. Of the 5000 causalities the majority are kids, women, elderly people and police cadets. Only a handful of fighters fell during the fighting.
Now and in the light of these statistics, there must be a way out. And I have got a proposal. I shall now therefore humbly propose my own thoughts, which I hope will not be liable to the least objection. I, like the Israelis, believe there is a serious problem in Gaza with a great need for a solution. As far as Gaza is concerned, the problem does not lie in Hamas, but the problem with Gaza is that it is full of Gazans.
Why does not the Israeli government buy/kidnap/arrest (or use any available means) Gazans and eat them? If put to action, this proposal will have several different advantages: Israel satisfies its cannibalistic desires, quenches its blood thirst, rids itself of Gazans, and saves a lot of money and ammunitions for wars to come. In addition, the carcasses can be used to help Israelis build a wall all around Gaza.
A modest proposal, ain’t?

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